Tenant Screening Services

Tenant screening ensures that you won't allow someone through your door who will pose a threat to your tenants, staff and property. LEARN MORE

Employment Screening

Employment screening keeps you, your employees and your investment in your business safe. LEARN MORE


Use the same tenant screening tools the large property management in a web-based tool designed and priced for individual landlords. LEARN MORE

Managing your own rentals?

Bemrose Consulting offers SmartMove - a self-serve tenant screening tool for individual landlords.

Tenant Screening

As a landlord or property manager you have an obligation to yourself and to your residents and tenants to be thorough about handling tenant background checks. By working with a team of experienced professionals to conduct credit history and criminal records searches on your tenant applicants...

Employment Screening

As an employer or hiring manager, recruiting and hiring employees is a costly and time consuming activity. Your investment in bringing on a new employee can be lost if you don’t take the steps to ensure that they’re financially stable and won’t pose a threat to you, your employees or your business...

About Credit Reports

As a business or renter you have the right to obtain a credit report on your applicants. However, the level of reporting available to you depends on how you've set up your business...

Tenant Screening & Employment Background Checks

Allowing someone through your door without a background check can be a dangerous and costly proposition.

Working with a partner you can trust to conduct employment screening and credit and criminal background checks on the people you hire and lease to will go a long way toward protecting your employees and tenants, your business and your property. You want a partner who does more than simply downloading and delivering background information found in public records and credit reports.

You want a team of professionals with an uncommon level of experience in interpreting criminal background and credit histories who can provide advice and guidance throughout your decision process. You want a partner who can serve as an intermediary when you need to turn someone away. You want a partner who provides peace of mind because they take your physical and financial security seriously. When it comes to background checks on tenants and employees, you want a partner who enables you to be sure and be secure.

Bemrose Consulting is the partner you’re looking for. With more than 25 years of experience in background investigationscandidate screening and tenant screening, the Bemrose team embraces the fact that your security and success is our success.

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