Fully Completed Applications

Categories: Tenant Screening

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By: Max Petkevicius

One of the most common issues we face in tenant screening is what applicants don’t take the time to fully and properly fill out their applications.  This might seem like something people would be able to figure out but for whatever reason, it absolutely is not.  When an application is not completed correctly it makes our job at Bemrose Consulting much more difficult and time-consuming.

A big portion of what we are searching for when screening an applicant is negative rental history including late payments or evictions as well as any criminal history, especially recent criminal history.  The rental portion is what we have to do the most digging to find because we have to rely on previous landlords or property management companies to help us by responding promptly.  Unfortunately, this does not always happen, hence the importance for us of having as much information right away, i.e. a fully completed application.

Any information left off an application that is required for our screening process requires the screeners to spend more time retrieving it.  Often times this requires screeners to contact the applicant, which is not always easy or helpful.  Many times when an applicant leaves some of the application blank it was for a specific reason so getting the correct information or even getting in contact with the applicant is often difficult or near impossible.

When criminal history is found the negative weight of that against an applicant is always lessened by the applicant listing where and when it took place. Whether or not it is listed by the applicant we will do all we can to find it so when they list any criminal history it helps us find it quicker, and let’s face it everyone wants their applications screened as quickly as possible. Being upfront with an applicant and telling them this aspect of being honest about any criminal history can help them get an answer more quickly. It also tells the landlord a little bit about the applicant’s character helping them make a better final decision.

Our goal is always to present our clients with all the information we can in a timely fashion. This can’t always be done when applications are not completed fully. As a landlord make sure this is done before sending the application into Bemrose to be screened so we can make the process quicker and smoother in order to help you make the best decision for your property.

DISCLAIMER: READ CAREFULLY: The information provided in this article is not considered legal advice and is given only for information purposes. ALWAYS SEEK THE ADVICE OF YOUR LEGAL COUNSEL.