We’re On the Same Team

Categories: Tenant Screening

Tags: screening an applicant, rental applications

By: Max Petkevicius

More often than we would like, in the screening process, a divide starts to grow between us at Bemrose and our clients. Our responsibility to our clients is to provide as much information as possible about prospective tenants. Our clients want to fill vacancies as quickly as possible. A tension can start to develop between us and our clients when our goals appear to be in opposition.  That is neither what we want nor what is good for our working relationship.

Our passion comes out in moments when we refuse to compromise criteria for an applicant. That is because we have seen so many situations that seem harmless take a negative turn for our clients in the long run. Our experience through the years with deception and carelessness heighten our skepticism. This can lead to one seemingly small detail becoming one that determines the final outcome of the screening. At the end of the day, all the results of each screening and the options we present are made with the criteria provided by each of our clients.

Renting to someone with a pattern of creating problems for landlords is bad for everyone involved. That conviction is why we are protective of our clients. If there is anything we find in the screening process that plants a seed of doubt about the quality of a tenant an applicant, we want to alert our client. When a screening is taking longer than expected it is never because we want to withhold information or delay the process of our clients finding a tenant. If a specific screening is taking longer than expected, it is because we are gathering more information in order to provide the best guidance for our clients.

Opposition from clients regarding the results of a screening can come in many forms whether it is strictness of the criteria, clients wanting to believe an applicant’s story over the data we provide, wanting the results quickly and others as well. This opposition does not need to exist, knowing our intentions are always to provide information to our clients to guide their decision will help us meet that goal.

We provide an important service and in order to continue providing that we should always remember we, us at Bemrose and our clients, are working for a common goal and are on the same team.

DISCLAIMER: READ CAREFULLY: The information provided in this article is not considered legal advice and is given only for information purposes. ALWAYS SEEK THE ADVICE OF YOUR LEGAL COUNSEL.