Do you really make that much? Or even work there?

Categories: Tenant Screening

Tags: background checks

By: Max Petkevicius

Bemrose Consulting is in business to protect our clients from potential renters who attempt to use false information or documents to get approved. A recent trend we have noticed is applicants using fake paystubs as proof of income.

An applicant’s level of income is a fundamental factor in their screening process as it proves their ability to afford rent. Clearly, having the correct information is essential. Many employers will not verify income so the paystub and bank or tax statement statements are vital to our process. If possible you always want to collect paystubs that show both the company and employee’s names and addresses and any other information that would be pertinent in an employee employer relationship.

One of the most common ways that we determine that someone has fake paystubs is recognizing that they appear more generic than most we see. Comparing them to a google search of “paystub generator” or “fake paystubs” can show you how readily available they are and how generic looking most of them look.

There are a lot of strategies applicants use to try and deceive their potential landlord about their income. The most common practice when an applicant provides fake paystubs is that they will make a paystub with falsified dates and/or rate of pay from somewhere they currently or used to work. This is when the “paystub generator” comes into play and the paystubs start to look generic and maybe have no business address or the math is done incorrectly or other small mistakes are made that would not be on a professionally made paystub.

In rare cases an applicant will completely make up the business they claim to work for and therefore the paystub is entirely made up as well. In these cases we search the business registry of whichever state that the business is in to verify the business is real. People who claim to be self employed usually use this tactic, but if we cannot verify the business is a real registered business we cannot accept any paystub from that business as proof of income.

Paystubs are essential to the screening process, so please continue to ask applicants for them and include them when you send in an application. Be aware that this has become a trend and to look out for it. If you ever see anything that might alarm you about a paystub and make it seem questionable always let us know.

DISCLAIMER: READ CAREFULLY: The information provided in this article is not considered legal advice and is given only for information purposes. ALWAYS SEEK THE ADVICE OF YOUR LEGAL COUNSEL.