Tenant Screening & Background Checks

Tenant screening ensures that you won’t allow someone through your door who will pose a threat to your tenants, staff and property.

As a landlord or property manager you have an obligation to yourself and to your residents and tenants to be thorough about handling tenant background checks. By working with a team of experienced professionals to conduct credit history and criminal records searches on your tenant applicants you:

  • enhance resident retention by improving the quality of residents on your property,
  • provide a safer and more secure environment for staff and tenants, and
  • protect your investment in your property.

Leveraging over 25 years of experience in the background investigations industry Bemrose Consulting provides everything you need to be sure and be secure in the knowledge that you’ll make a well informed decision about the tenant applicants that you accept. And because speed is a critical factor in your process, you can review current status of applicant screening using Bemrose’s exclusive online tenant screening system.

Tenant Screening: Residence history can be obtained from the credit file, public records, court records and the application to ensure the most accurate history.

Home ownership is verified through property tax assessors and mortgage accounts appearing on the credit history.
A reverse directory will be used to investigate all addresses that the applicant provides and those that are found on the Experian and Trans Union credit reports.
Phone numbers can also be reversed when necessary to gain additional information. These practices uncover false or omitted rental and employment references.
A credit history interpretation is provided that contains all reported lines of credit, and shows the total past due amounts. Credit report is itemized for money owed to landlords or property management companies.
Criminal history will be checked on all applicants including state background checks in any state the applicant has lived.
Employment Verification: Employment history will be obtained from employers and references as well as investigative sources to secure the maximum number of independent references.
Self-employed applicants will be verified through the applicable state Corporation Commissions or through the appropriate licensing board.